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Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Suggested Activities

+ Ask students; what do 103 bottles of water and 252 flip-flops have in common? Reveal that they were all given out by Street Pastors in Truro in their first year of operation and that Street Pastors also give out personal alarms, order taxis and carry bus timetables. Ask students; who are street pastors? Reveal that they are groups of specially trained Christians who spend time on the streets engaging with people who are lonely, distressed or suffering the effects of alcohol and drugs. Ask students; would you spend your Saturday night between the hours of 9.30pm and 4am helping people who were drunk, dehydrated or being sick?

+ Invite a member of a Christian community e.g. a street pastor, food bank organiser, drop in centre worker, to talk to your class about how their faith inspires or motivates them to address social issues.

+ Ask students; how do churches try to tackle social issues? Collect students ideas e.g. money, (often church service collections are in aid of a special cause), time (members help or volunteer), space (many church buildings double as drop in centres, food banks, youth clubs, toy libraries etc). Challenge students to find out which activities are occurring in churches in their local area. As a class, select one of these activities to support and make a contribution e.g. give a class parcel to the food bank.