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Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Suggested Activities
+ Reveal that there were 532,273 people recorded as living in Cornwall in the 2011 census (a national survey). Ask students; how many of these were Muslims? Collect and record student guesses before revealing the answer; 855. Ask students; did you guess too high or too low? Did you know that there is a Muslim community in Cornwall? Collect students ideas and challenge students to work out what percentage of the population in Cornwall is Muslim.
+ Invite a member of the Muslim community in Cornwall to talk to the class about their faith, cultural background and experience in Cornwall.
+ Share Starting Out with the class. Ask students; why was the creation of a centre or mosque so important to the Muslim community in Cornwall? Collect student ideas and use the opportunity to explore with the class the role of the mosque in Islamic beliefs and practices.
+ Give students Celebrating Here. Encourage students to imagine that they are Muslim and are practising their faith, observing Ramadan and celebrating Eid whilst trying to maintain life at school. Ask students; what might be difficult? Why? What would you be looking forward to? Challenge students to create a series of diary entries recording their imagined experiences of celebrating Ramadan and Eid in Cornwall.