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Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Books for teachers:

Pagan Cornwall – Land of the Goddess, Cheryl Straffon, Maen Mamvro, 2012

The Cornish Witch-finder – William Paytner, William H Paynter and Jason Semmens, Federation of Old Cornwall Societies, 2008

The Witch of the West, Jason Semmens, 2004

The Museum of Witchcraft - A Magical History, Kerriann Godwin, The Occult Art Company, 2011

Witchcraft in Cornwall, Kelvin I Jones, Oakmagic

An Joan the Crone, Kelvin I Jones, Oakmagic

Fentynyow Kernow – In Search of Cornwall's Holy Wells, Cheryl Straffon, Maen Mamvro, 2012

Holy Wells Cornwall, Philip Cope, Seren

Cornovia – Ancient Sites Of Cornwall And Scilly, Craig Weatherhill, Alison Hodge, 1985

An Introduction to the Archaeology of Cornwall, Charles Woolf, D.Bradford Barton, 1970

The Romance Of The Stones – Cornwall's Pagan Past, Robert Payne, Alexander Associates, 1999

Mermaid to Merrymaid – Journey To The Stones, Ian McNeil Cooke, Men-An-Tol Studio, 1996

Mother and Sun – The Cornish Fogou, Craig Weatherhill, Men-An-Tol Studio, 1996

Cornwall's Pagan Heritage, Richard A. Courtney, Oakmagic

Cornish Mumming, Kelvin I Jones, Oakmagic

A History of Pagan Europe, Prudence Jones and Nigel Pennick, Routledge, 1997

Paganism Today, Graham Harvey and Charlotte Hardman, Thorsons, 1996

Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles: Their Nature and Legacy, Ronald Hutton, Blackwell Publishers, 1993

Paganism Information Pack, Pagan Federation, 1996

Online: – provides a virtual tour of museum artefacts. – enables users to search museum artefacts online. – provides educational resources covering a range of sites including stone circle and quoits. – provides further information about ancient monuments and places them in their historical context. – is the source of the Curriculum Kernewek Map, but you can search the Heritage Gateway database independently if you wish. Click on 'More Detailed Search'. Click on 'Resources'. In the 'Local Records' list, tick the 'Cornwall and Scilly HER' box. Click on 'What' and enter the type of monument you are seeking e.g. stone circle. Click on 'Where' and enter your place-name. Click on 'Search'. – explains some of the rituals and beliefs behind ancient monuments. – an exploration of the archaeology relating to religion and spirituality in Cornwall.


The Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle is said to be the world's largest collection of Witchcraft related artefacts. To find out more visit: or to organise a visit to the museum email: or call: 01840 250111.

Use the Curriculum Kernewek Map to identify if there are any ancient sites within walking distance of your school and confirm access arrangements before you visit with a class. Modern Pagans find special significance in many of these sites including stone circles, holy wells and fogous.

If you wish to explore more than one type of ancient monument during a single visit recommended sites include:

Bodmin Moor

  • Trevethy Quoit SX259688
  • The Hurlers SX258714
  • The Pipers SX258714

West Penwith

  • Merry Maidens & The Pipers SW433245
  • Men An Tol SW426349
  • Men Scryfa SW 427353
  • Lanyon Quoit SW430337