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Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Suggested Activities
+ Draw on the Guide to Methodism to remind students of the story of John Wesley and the growth of Methodism in Cornwall. Ask students; how did Methodism change/shape Cornwall and Cornish communities? Collect student ideas e.g. discipline, teetotalism, church going etc.
+ Show students Data. Ask students; what percentage of people in Cornwall attended Church in 1851? What percentage of people of in Cornwall today do you think would say that they were Christian? Ask students to jot down their guesses. Reveal that, according to the 2011 census, of the 532,273 people living in Cornwall, nearly 60% (318,357 people) said that they were Christians. Ask students; did you guess too high? Too low? Did the results surprise you? Why? Encourage students to discuss their views.
+ Explain that the census figures do not provide a breakdown of Christian denominations but that Methodism still accounts for a significant proportion of the church attendance figures in Cornwall. Ask students; do you think that Methodism is growing or declining in Cornwall? Show students Growth to illustrate that some Methodist churches believe that they are experiencing growth in attendance. Encourage students to share any ideas they have about if and why this is occurring.
+ Ask students; is Methodism important in Cornwall today? Collect student ideas and challenge groups to come up with three reasons why Methodism is of continuing importance. Use student ideas to create a list like Methodism Today and challenge students to place the factors in order of importance to their community. Give students chance to express if and how Methodism might be of importance in their community, family or personal lives in the future.