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Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Suggested Activities
+ Ask students; what was the Reformation? Collect student ideas and use the Christianity Timeline to remind students of the events surrounding the Reformation. Explain to students that the Church of England was the only type of church permitted by the state. Ask students; do you know of any Free Churches (not linked to the state)? Collect student ideas.
+ Show students Callington. Reveal that Cornish settlements typically support several different churches and denominations. Ask students; how many churches do we have in our area? Gather student knowledge and challenge students to create a table of all the churches in the area, their locations and when they were built. Take the class to visit churches in the immediate locality or another settlement of your choice. Where possible arrange for churches to be opened and for a member of each church to show the class around. Encourage students to take photographs, make drawings and take notes of their findings en route.
+ Back in the classroom give students time to complete their church information tables. Work with the class to locate each of the churches on a map and label the map with student findings, photographs and drawings from their visit to create a display.
+ Split the class into groups and allocate each group with a different church on the map. Challenge each group to find out everything they can about the denomination of their church. Help students to generate questions for their investigation including how, why, where and when it started, to include the founders, growth, changes and current status of the organisation. Encourage groups to use books, online resources and local knowledge to research their denomination. Give students time to compile their findings and present their work to the rest of the class. Combine student findings to extend the map display, or create a colourful chart or denomination tree display.
+ Ask students; why might some Christians choose to join the house church movement? Collect student ideas and use House Church to help students identify further reasons. Explain that some house churches have developed into larger community churches, like Grapevine Church, in Illogan.