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Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Suggested Activities
+ Ask pupils; why are there so many Christian denominations? Do they have more similarities than differences? Collect pupil ideas and record in lists of 'similarities' and 'differences' to encourage further discussion.
+ Display the letters 'N U C E E M S I' on the board and challenge pupils to rearrange the letters to make a word. Give pupils time to guess, giving clues if necessary, and ask pupils; what is ecumenism or the ecumenical movement? Collect pupil ideas and confirm that it is 'a movement promoting unity and greater cooperation among Christian churches or denominations'. Reveal that this is not a new idea and show Redruth Mission to the class.
+ Ask pupils; what are the benefits of churches working with each other? Collect pupil ideas e.g. more money, more people to help, more public benefit etc. Use the internet to show pupils examples of the work of ecumenical groups like Falmouth and Penryn Churches Together. Point out the range of community activities that they can run by combining their efforts, including coffee shop, food bank and street pastor services.
+ Explain that some Christian denominations in Cornwall are members of in the Cornwall Faith Forum and are participating in 'Dor Kemmyn' (Cornish for 'Common Ground'), an initiative to create an Interfaith Centre for all spiritual and religious communities in Cornwall. Reveal that the centre must meet the needs of a range of faith and communities and show pupils Faith. Challenge pupils to investigate the worship requirements of each of the faiths mentioned and design a centre that they feel would meet the needs of all of Cornwall's faith communities. Encourage pupils to consider the importance of creating a space that will help to build understanding and cooperation between groups. Give pupils chance to share their ideas and invite a member of Dor Kemmyn in to speak to the class about the purpose and development of the Centre. Alternatively, use the internet to show the class the plans for the Centre.