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Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Suggested Activities
+ Ask students; what are the key Christian beliefs and values? Use student ideas to create a list like Christianity. Reveal to students that there have been Christian communities in Cornwall for well over 1500 years. Ask students; how might the presence of Christian beliefs have shaped our communities and culture over this time? Collect student ideas e.g. church going, education, charity, behaviours like drinking and gambling.
+ Ask students; have you heard of St Petroc's Society? What do you think it is? Collect student ideas and show students St Petroc's Society. Ask students; do you have to be a Christian to care about the homeless? How could you help the St Petroc's Society? Collect student ideas e.g. give clothes, blankets, books.
+ Ask students; what other organisations and individuals have been motivated and shaped by Christian values and beliefs? Collect students ideas e.g. Seafarers Mission, St John Ambulance, Emily Hobhouse, the Fox Family and John Passmore Edwards. Challenge students to create a fact-file for their candidate like one you have shown them for the St Petroc's Society. Review the completed fact-files with the class and ask students; if you had been around at the time this person/initiative had been starting their work, which one would you have been most likely to support? Why? Hold a class vote to see which idea has the most support.
+ Remind students of the list of Christian beliefs and values that they created earlier. Ask students; what current local issues do you think Christians might be motivated to help with or address? Encourage students to identify one problem that they would like to see sorted out and come up with an idea for how it could be tackled. Encourage students to share their idea with the class. As a class choose and implement one of the issues and ideas that students have proposed.