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Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Books for teachers:

Cornwall And The Cross - Christianity 500-1560, Nicholas Orme, Victoria County History, Philmore, 2007

Unity and Variety – A History Of The Church In Devon and Cornwall, Nicholas Orme, University of Exeter Press, 1991

The Saints of Cornwall, H. Nicholas Orme, Oxford University Press, 2000

In The Shadow Of St.Piran – The History Of The Saint And His Foundations at Perranzabuloe, Eileen Carter, Lodenek Press, 2001

The Saint's Way- Forth An Syns, Michael Gill, Gorseth

The Saints Way - guide cards, Ginny and Heulyn Lewis, Pelican Studio

The Saints Of Cornwall Part 1-5, Gilbert H Doble Llanerch Publishers

The Saints of Cornwall – 1500 Years of Christian Landscape, Catherine Rachel John, Tabb House, 2001

Cornwall - A Concise History, Bernard Deacon, University of Wales Press, 2007

Online: – featuring 'Iron Age Cornwall', a unit of work which explores the lives of people who lived here long ago, including their food, language, homes and spiritual beliefs. – provides information about Dupath Well and King Doniert's Stone both useful sites for mini-pilgrimages. – gives information about the Saints Way and St Michael's Way. – provides information about a useful chapel site for a mini-pilgrimage. – a good introduction to St Piran's Churches – is the source of the Curriculum Kernewek Map, but you can search the Heritage Gateway database independently if you wish. Click on 'More Detailed Search'. Click on 'Resources'. In the 'Local Records' list, tick the 'Cornwall and Scilly HER' box. Click on 'What' and enter the type of monument you are seeking e.g. stone circle. Click on 'Where' and enter your place-name. Click on 'Search'.


Jon Davey offers a 'Pilgrimage' workshop session which includes:

  • a mini-pilgrimage to a place of significance
  • activities to help pupils explore the purpose of pilgrimage
  • storytelling of Cornish Saint related legends and stories
Jon Davey is a teacher with over 20 years classroom experience, educational writer and President of Redruth Old Cornwall Society. Contact Jon via email: or tel: 07542184658.


  • The Saints Way connects the rivers Fowey and Camel. It enabled traders and pilgrims to sail up the rivers and undertake a short over land journey, avoiding the perilous journey by ship around Land's End.
  • St Michael's Way is recognised by the Council of Europe as being part of the route to Santiagie de Compostela. It stretches from Lelant on the north coast to St Michael's Mount on the south coast.
  • Churches, Holy Wells and Stone Crosses in your locality can be good sites for a mini-pilgrimage: -
    • Dupath Well SX 374693) near Callington is a holy well with healing properties -
    • King Doniert's Stone is an unusual memorial cross with a story attached -
    • St Michael the Archangel Chapel at Rame Head -
    • St Piran's Oratory (SW 77175645) is good place to imagine St Piran establishing his chapel

It is worth investigating your local area to identify forgotten monasteries or pilgrim routes, for instance, in Medieval times, Landulph was a busy port for pilgrims heading to Santiago de Compostela.