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Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Suggested Activities
+ Ask students; what is a pilgrimage? Collect student ideas and help students look up the definition in a dictionary. Reveal to students that there are some places that are very special to Christians e.g. Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Explain to the class that many Cornish Saints, monks and other Christians have passed through Cornwall on their way to these special places creating two special pilgrim routes, St Michaels Way (between St Ives and St Michaels Mount) and the Saints Way (between Padstow and Fowey). Help students to locate these on a map and ask students; why are the routes where they are? Collect student ideas e.g. navigable rivers reduced the distance of journeys over land.
+ Ask students; why did pilgrims make these journeys? Collect student ideas e.g. spend time with God, seeking forgiveness, seeking healing, show commitment to their faith. Challenge students to undertake a mini-pilgrimage and take the class to walk part of a pilgrimage route or on a walk to a site of significance near the school e.g. chapel, holy well or cross. Work with the class to devise a reason for the pilgrimage and to make the journey feel special. For instance, some pilgrims stop at special places on the way for quiet reflection whilst others take a small stone (representing a prayer) to leave at the site. Encourage students to record any feelings or experiences along the way and share them with each other at the end. If a physical journey is not possible then use guided visualisation to take students on a virtual pilgrimage.
+ Ask students to imagine that they are a 7th century pilgrim arriving on the Cornish coast from Wales and making their way across Cornwall towards Brittany. Challenge students to draw on their own pilgrimage experience to create a letter home, diary entry or prayer reflecting their journey.
+ Explain to students that some Saints may have left their homes and come to Cornwall because of 'peregrinatio pro Christo' - a voluntary 'exile for Christ'. These people were not simply on a temporary pilgrimage but had, by leaving their homes, put themselves in God's hands. Ask students; how might this practice have spread Christianity? If you were a Saint leaving your home what kinds of things would you hope God would provide? Collect student ideas e.g. protection, food, water, shelter etc.