Curriculum Kernewek

Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Books for teachers:

Cornwall and the Cornish, Bernard Deacon, Alison Hodge, 2010

Cornwall - A Concise History, Bernard Deacon, University of Wales Press, 2007

Online: – featuring 'Iron Age Cornwall', a unit of work which explores the lives of people who lived here long ago, including their food, language, homes and spiritual beliefs.. – provides further information about ancient monuments and places them in their historical context. – an online copy of 'Gwreans an Bys,' The Creation of the World, a Cornish Language mystery play.


Use the Curriculum Kernewek Map to identify if there are any sites suitable for quiet reflection within walking distance of your school. Reflection time might take place in a church, chapel, sacred space or outdoor environment e.g. place of tranquillity, beauty, mystery or religious significance.