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Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Suggested Activities
+ Invite a member of a spiritual community or religious group to talk to your class about how being in Cornwall supports their faith or spiritual practice. Share with pupils a time when you were somewhere special that made you feel a particular way e.g. peaceful, content, close to God, exhilarated. Ask pupils; have you been to a special place that made you feel like that? Encourage pupils to spend a moment thinking about it and then if they wish, write a few sentences describing the place and how they felt. Explain to pupils that it might be near by or far away; that it might be somewhere that they go all the time or a place that they have only visited once.
+ Ask pupils; why do people choose to make time to reflect? How do people feel after having quiet time? Why? Explain to pupils that many people come to Cornwall to have time away from everyday life. Ask pupils; is there somewhere special that you go to reflect or think? Reveal to pupils that they will stage class reflection sessions. For several days in a row ask pupils to find a mat and a space to sit with their eyes closed. Give pupils ten minutes to sit quietly and begin by asking them to sit quietly and concentrate on their breathing, as they inhale and exhale.
+ Take pupils to a quiet place on the school grounds or nearby. Explain to pupils that they are going to clear their minds by concentrating on their breathing and listening to the sounds of nature. Arrange a signal that will signal the end of the session e.g. bell. Give each pupil a mat or cushion to sit on and challenge pupils to quietly find a place to sit a good distance from other pupils, where they cannot hear anyone else (long grass is good for this). Give pupils at least fifteen minutes to enjoy the peace and quiet before gathering them back into the group with the agreed signal. Encourage pupils to share the things that they heard and ask; was it harder or easier to empty your mind than in the classroom? How do you feel now?.
+ Take pupils to visit a site that you feel will inspire awe and wonder. Send pupils into the site one at a time to explore and soak up the atmosphere. Whilst they are exploring the site challenge pupils to resist conversation with other pupils and to keep their thoughts to themselves. Gather the class together and ask pupils to select an adjective to describe the site and share it. Back in the classroom, display the words around an image of the site and use to stimulate creative writing e.g. descriptive prose in the first person to include what it was like and how you felt.
+ Use the Sense of Place 'Iron Age Cornwall' unit of work to help pupils to explore the spiritual lives of people who inhabited this landscape in the distant past.