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Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Books for teachers:

Scoot Dances, Troyls, Furrys and Tea Treats: The Cornish Dance Tradition, Merv, Alison and Jowdy Davey, Francis Boutle, 2009

Fooch! Favourite Cornish Session & Dance Tunes, Vol 1, Neil Davey

HoolyBus, Lev Krev, H Coleman (available from Trevada Music)

Festivals of Cornwall, Douglas Williams, Bossiney Books,1987

Folklore of England: 4 Customs In Cornwall, Tony Foxworthy, Country Books, 2010

Crying The Neck - A Harvest Celebration, Federation of Old Cornwall Societies

The Cornish Midsummer Eve Bonfire Celebrations, Cyril Noall, Federation of Old Cornwall Societies

The Old Cornwall Christmas Anthology, Compiled by George Pritchard, Federation of Old Cornwall Societies

A Cornish Christmas, Tony Dean and Tony Shaw, History Press, 2008

Some of these books can be purchased through:

Books for children:

Izzie's Flora Day, Jude Carroll, Helys Ventures, 2007


Cornish Celebrations Workshop - a session or series of sessions featuring participatory music and dance activities tailored to your requirements e.g. a 'Snail Creeps and Tea Treats' workshop explores the traditions of the Clay Country.

To make a booking contact Merv and Alison Davey via email: or call 01208 831 642. Alternatively, visit: to find out more.

Online: – featuring the 'Our Special Place' unit of work, which explores festivals and helps pupils to celebrate their own locality. – provides information on festivals and the dances and songs that feature in different celebrations. – maga have produced learning materials for schools to help teachers and pupils explore Cornish Festivals. These include a Christmas Resource Pack and St Pirantide Resource pack


Attend a festival or celebration near your school or in a contrasting locality.