Curriculum Kernewek

Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Suggested Activities
+ Reveal to pupils that some celebrations are a lot older than Christian celebrations like Christmas and Easter. Show pupils Season Circle and reveal to pupils that these older celebrations were linked to a seasonal change or the mid-point in a season. Challenge pupils to guess what and how people might have celebrated at each celebration time and share their ideas with rest of the class.
+ Explain to pupils that some of the early pre-Christian festivals have influenced some of the festivals that we celebrate today. Work as a class to use the Curriculum Kernewek Celebration Calendar to identify some of these celebrations. Collect pupil ideas and challenge the class to pick and enact one of these celebrations like 'Obby 'Oss or Crying the Neck. Encourage pupils to find out more about their celebration using books or the internet. Use the Sense of Place 'Our Special Place' unit of work to access images, audio and footage of the celebrations to support their work. Hold a class enactment of their celebration.
+ Explore the Sense of Place 'Iron Age Cornwall' unit of work and use the activity 'Year in the Iron Age' to help pupils investigate how people varied their activities to suit the time of year in the past. Use the learning materials in the unit of work to encourage pupils to create their own celebration music.
+ Ask pupils; are any Christian festivals celebrated at around the same time as these earlier celebrations? Do they share any of the same features? Collect pupil ideas and encourage pupils to consider any features of Christian festivals that may be pre-Christian in origin e.g. holly wreaths.
+ Identify the next celebration in the calendar (pre-Christian if possible) and work with the class to hold your own celebration e.g. Midsummer Bonfire and invite members of the local community. Alternatively attend an existing celebration held in the locality. Either way participate in and document the event with photographs, drawings or creative writing.