Curriculum Kernewek

Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Suggested Activities
+ Create a Clue Bag filled with objects or pictures to represent the events of the Prayer Book Uprising e.g. a crown (Henry VIII), a ring (Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn), a cross (The Church), a dagger (murder of William Body), a noose (execution of the Mayor) etc. Give a pupil an obscure object from your Clue Bag. Give the pupil chance to hold it up and show the rest of the class. Ask pupils; what is this object? Collect pupil ideas and reveal that it is a clue to an event that happened a long time ago. Challenge pupils to guess the event. Give another pupil an object from the bag and give pupils time to guess again. Continue giving out objects and collecting guesses until the bag is empty. Finally show pupils Prayer Book (front cover) and reveal that the event was an uprising that happened because of the book.
+ Reveal to pupils that all the objects are clues to what happened during the Prayer Book Uprising. Encourage pupils to look at their clue and guess how it featured in the events. Collect pupil ideas. Draw on the information in the 'Guide to the Prayer Book Uprising' to devise a story about the events of 1549 and tell the story to the class in character as a contemporary onlooker or person from the story.
+ Show pupils the Prayer Book Uprising layer of the Curriculum Kernewek Map. Ask pupils; which place was mentioned first in the story? Collect pupil ideas and write and display the first place on a white board or washing line. Repeat, asking which place was mentioned next in the story until all the places are displayed in order. Split the class into groups and give each group a different place. Challenge each group to create a physical freeze-frame of a scene from the story that occurred in their place. Give each group chance to share their scene with the rest of the class and encourage the class to describe what they think is happening in the scene.
+ Ask pupils; how did the Reformation and Prayer Book Uprising change things? Collect pupil ideas e.g. the Cornish language declined (because lots of Cornish speakers had been killed, the monasteries and centres of learning were closed and English was spoken in Church), people were scared to speak out (because they were executed or had their lands taken away), Church life changed (because church ales were banned, churches were stripped of wealth and it was compulsory to attend Church).
+ During a ceremony at Pelynt in 2007, Bishop of Truro, Bill Ind, said "I am often asked about my attitude to the Prayerbook Rebellion and in my opinion, there is no doubt that the English Government behaved brutally and stupidly and killed many Cornish people. I don't think apologising for something that happened over 500 years ago helps, but I am sorry about what happened and I think it was an enormous mistake.” Ask pupils; do you agree with Bishop Bill? Why? Collect pupil ideas and show pupils St Ives Plaque, the only memorial to the event in Cornwall. Ask pupils; is it important to remember this event? Why? Why not? Collect pupil ideas and challenge the class to devise a way to help others learn about or remember the Prayer Book Uprising e.g. design a memorial, give a presentation, create a display etc.