Curriculum Kernewek

Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Books for teachers:

An Beybel Sans, Nicholas Williams, Evertype, 2011

The History Of Glasney College, James Whetter, Tabb House, 1988

Drama Kernewek, Cornish Medieval Drama: A Resource and Activity Pack, Elizabeth Stewart, MAGA, 2012 (see

Online: – an online copy of a Cornish Language play, 'The Life of St Meriasek'. – an online copy of the 'Ordinalia', a trilogy of three Medieval mystery plays – an online copy of 'Gwreans an Bys,' The Creation of the World, a Cornish Language mystery play. – features a Cornish language time-line and information about opportunities to learn the language. – provides information about the St Just Plain an Gwarry. – features Nicholas Williams reading an extract of his Cornish translation of the Bible.


Cornish language speaker Elizabeth Stewart offers workshops about the links between religion and drama in medieval Cornish plays, exploring topics such as how, where and why the plays were written and performed. Sessions involve learning about the socio-historic context of the plays as well as exploring whether they are still relevant to a modern audience today. Contact Elizabeth via e-mail: or call: 07828 216891.


Use the Plain an Gwarry layer of the Curriculum Kernewek Map to visit Plain an Gwarry with your class. Use the site to stage a class performance of an extract from a miracle play.