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Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Suggested Activities
Ask pupils; what was the first mass printed book? Collect pupil ideas and reveal that it was the Bible. Explain that over 550 years after the first print run, millions of copies are still sold around the world every year.
+ Split the class into groups. Cut up, mix up and give each group a set of Language Cards. Challenge pupils to match the cards and identify the date when the Bible was translated into each language. Give pupils time to guess the answers and arrange their cards. Give groups clues to help them with their matches, e.g. the Bible was translated into Welsh during Elizabethan times. Allow pupils time to make changes to their time-line before revealing the correct answers. Ask pupils; why do you think the Bible was only translated into Cornish recently? Collect pupil ideas, e.g. the Cornish language was suppressed by the authorities after the Prayer Book Rebellion, it was a big job and nobody wanted to do it, many Cornish language speakers didn't know how to read or write the language.
+ Ask pupils; why has the Bible been translated into Cornish now? Is it important? Reveal to pupils that the person who translated it into Cornish must have thought it was important because he spent a long time translating the New Testament and then six more years translating the Old Testament. Encourage pupils to imagine that they have just translated the Bible into Cornish and that they are being interviewed by the press. Challenge pupils to give a couple of sentences explaining the importance of the Bible and why they have translated it into Cornish. Give pupils time to share their statement with a partner or the rest of the group. Use Bible to help pupils compare their answers to those given by the real producers of the translation.
+ Challenge pupils to see if they can match up the English and Cornish lines of the Lord's Prayer. Cut up Lord's Prayer and give each group a set of cards to match up. Collect group ideas before revealing the correct translation. Draw on Cornish Prayer to teach pupils how to say the Lord's Prayer in Cornish and introduce the use of the prayer into school life as appropriate.
+ Select a short section of a Cornish language miracle play and create a short script suitable for the reading ability of your class. Take the class to a Plain an Gwarry like St Just and help the class to perform their play extract.