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Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Suggested Activities
+ Use the Sense of Place 'Land of Saints' unit of work to tell pupils the story of a Cornish Saint and their activities in Cornwall. Explain that we cannot be sure if all the stories really happened but the Cornish Saints were real people and records that they existed can be found in the place-names and church books.
+ Reveal to pupils that Cornish Saints were looking for ways to be close to God and to achieve this some of them found a quiet spot and built a simple chapel to worship in and a small building known as 'cell' to live in. Explain to pupils that often followers would build their own cells near that of a Cornish Saint and would join them in prayer and other activities. Some of these communities grew to become monasteries and the people became known as monks. Challenge pupils to design and draw or model a cell for a Cornish Saint and label any features.
+ Draw on pupil designs to create a cell somewhere in the school grounds either temporary e.g. tent, cardboard box, or permanent e.g. cob, willow fencing. Challenge pupils to take turns visiting the cell for a few minutes of quiet reflection or prayer. Ask pupils; is it good to have somewhere quiet to go? Do you have a quiet or special place that you like to visit?
+ Ask pupils; what kind of activities happened in the monasteries? Collect pupil ideas e.g. prayer, learning, creating texts etc. Reveal that the monasteries may have had a timetable of activities like many monasteries do today, for example at Buckfast Abbey the first prayers of the day are at 5.25am and the last prayers at 9pm. Remind pupils that during the early days of Christianity in Cornwall communities may have practised their faith in quite different ways.
+ Ask pupils; what would a Cornish Saint or early Christian talk to God about? Give pupils Praying and ask them to fill in their name e.g. 'Prayer of Jack'. Encourage pupils to add their ideas to the prayer, completing each sentence. Give pupils chance to share their prayers before reading
Saint Meryadoc
to the class. Reveal to the class that Saint Meryadoc (patron saint of Camborne and other places in Brittany) lived in around the 7th century and that the prayer is thought to be very old.