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Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Books for teachers:

Wade-Bridge, Andrew G Langdon, Federation of Old Cornwall Societies, 2012

Francis Tregian, Raymond Francis Tregian, The Alpha Press, 1998

The Church In Cornwall, H. Miles Brown, Cornish Classics, 2006

Unity and Variety – A History Of The Church In Devon and Cornwall, Nicholas Orme, University of Exeter Press, 1991

Online: – contains some historical information about Cuthbert Mayne. – a list of Cornish Catholic Churches within the Diocese of Plymouth. – a summary of the history of the Church of England.


Launceston Castle is where Cuthbert Mayne was hung, drawn and quartered and Francis Tregian was tried and imprisoned in the dungeon. To hold a mock trial at Launceston Castle or organise a guided visit call English Heritage on 0117 9750 700.