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Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Books for teachers:

Cornovia – Ancient Sites Of Cornwall And Scilly, Craig Weatherhill, Alison Hodge, 1985

An Introduction to the Archaelogy of Cornwall, Charles Woolf, D Bradford Barton, 1970

The Romance Of The Stones – Cornwall's Pagan Past, Robin Payne, Alexander Associates, 1999

Mermaid to Merrymaid – Journey To The Stones, Ian McNeil Cooke, Men-An-Tol Studio, 1996


www.sense-of-place.co.uk – featuring 'Stones', a unit of work which explores the origins and stories of Cornish stone circles.

www.cornwallheritagetrust.org/page_education.php - provides educational resources covering a range of sites including stone circle and quoits.

www.historic-cornwall.org.uk/flyingpast/ceremony.html - an exploration of the archaeology relating to religion and spirituality in Cornwall.

www.historic-cornwall.org.uk/a2m/index.htm – provides further information about ancient monuments and places them in their historical context.

www.heritagegateway.org.uk/gateway/ – this is the source of the Curriculum Kernewek Map, but you can search the Heritage Gateway database independently if you wish. Click on 'More Detailed Search'. Click on 'Resources'. In the 'Local Records' list, tick the 'Cornwall and Scilly HER' box. Click on 'What' and enter the type of monument you are seeking e.g. stone circle. Click on 'Where' and enter your place-name. Click on 'Search'.

www.bbc.co.uk/wales/history/sites/themes/religion/religion_pre_christian_wales.shtm – explains some of the rituals and beliefs behind ancient monuments.


Iain Rowe, Caradon Hill Area Heritage Project Officer, provides guided visits to The Hurlers and Trethevy Quoit and will tailor the session to your requirements. Contact Iain via email: irowe1@cornwall.gov.uk or tel: 07963 663102


Jon Davey offers a 'Journey To The Stones' workshop session which includes:
  • a guided visit to mysterious man-made archaeological features including standing stones, stone circles and burial chambers
  • storytelling featuring stone-related myths and legends
  • Creative writing opportunities
  • activities and games which help children explore and understand the site

Jon Davey is a teacher with over 20 years classroom experience, educational writer and President of Redruth Old Cornwall Society. Contact Jon via email: jondvy@gmail.com or tel: 07542184658.

Mark Harandon tells traditional Cornish stories and legends and works in or out of character e.g. miner, smuggler, droll teller. Sessions can be on or off site and vary in length according to requirements. Find out more at www.markharandon.co.uk or contact Mark via email: captainofthewest@hotmail.co.uk.


Use the Curriculum Kernewek Map to identify if there are any ancient stone monuments within walking distance of your school and confirm access arrangements before you visit with a class.

If you wish to explore more than one type of ancient monument during a single visit recommended sites include:

Bodmin Moor
  • Trevethy Quoit SX259688
  • The Hurlers SX258714
  • The Pipers SX258714

West Penwith

  • Merry Maidens & The Pipers SW433245
  • Men An Tol SW426349
  • Men Scryfa SW 427353
  • Lanyon Quoit SW430337