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Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Suggested Activities
+ Draw on books about Cornish Saints to show pupils a range of saint related place-names, near to the school (if possible), such as St Breward, St Tudy and St Issey. Ask pupils; what does 'St' mean? Is it short for something? Collect pupil ideas and reveal that the places were named after special people, Cornish Saints, who lived a long time ago. Display a map of Cornwall and challenge pupils to find as many saint related place-names as they can.
+ Use the Sense of Place 'Land of Saints' unit of work to tell pupils the story of a Cornish Saint. Explain that we cannot be sure if all the stories really happened but the Cornish Saints were real people and records that they existed can be found in the place-names and church books.
+ Reveal that many of the saints travelled to Cornwall from Ireland and Wales. Help pupils to find these places on a map. Ask pupils; how did the saints travel to Cornwall? Collect pupils ideas and remind them that trains, planes and cars hadn't been invented in those days. Work with pupils to conclude that saints would have crossed water on their journey and often travelled by sail or row boat. Ask pupils; why did these people travel to Cornwall? Collect pupil ideas and reveal that the saints believed and shared the same message. Explain that the message was initially spread by the disciples or followers of Jesus, like Peter's Message.
+ Remind pupils that the saints wanted to share their message with people in Cornwall and they found lots of ways to do this, including prayer. Teach pupils the Prayer and ask pupils: why do people pray to God? Collect pupil ideas e.g. to say thank you, to share feelings, to ask for things or help. Challenge pupils to share one thing that they would like to say thank you for. Record and combine pupil contributions to create a large class prayer.
+ Read Peace and Quiet to the class. Tell pupils that like St Petroc's in Bodmin many of the churches in Cornwall are dedicated to Cornish Saints. Ask pupils; is our church dedicated to a saint? Who is our local saint? Collect pupil ideas. Take pupils to a local church that is or was dedicated to a Cornish Saint. Show the class how to file into the pews and prepare to pray. Read out the class prayer or say it in unison with the class. Encourage pupils to sit quietly and reflect for a short time.
+ As a class, explore the church inside and out for references to the Cornish Saints and record or take photographs of any findings e.g. stained glass windows. Help pupils to interview the vicar or another person from the community to find out more information about their local saint.
+ Use the Sense of Place 'Land of Saints' unit of work to help pupils draw on their findings to design and make a textile banner telling the story of their local saint. Display the banner in the school or parade with the banner during a Feast Day or other community celebration.