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Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Books for teachers:

Traditions And Hearthside Stories of West Cornwall Series 1-3, William Bottrell, Llanerch Publishers (free online at & Legends)

Popular Romances of the West of England, Robert Hunt, 1865 (free online at & Legends)

Cornish Ghosts And Legends, Craig Weatherhill and Paul Devereux, Sigma Leisure, 1994

Cornish Folk Tales, Mike O'Connor, Lyngham Press

The Cornish Witch-finder, William H. Paynter and edited by Jason Semmens, Federation of Old Cornwall Societies

Books for children

Tom and the Giant, Will Coleman

Madgy Figgy's Pig, Will Coleman

Lutey and the Mermaid, Will Coleman

(Will Coleman books available from local bookshops and )

Peter and the Piskies: Cornish Folk and Fairy Tales, Ruth Manning-Sanders, 1958 (although it is out of print, it is available as a download online)

Audio for children

Jack the Giant Killer, Mark Harandon And Roger Pinsent, Yarn Weavers

The Mermaid of Zennor and other tales of West Cornwall, Mark Harandon And Roger Pinsent, Yarn Weavers

Both available from www.Yarn or other online sellers.

Online: – featuring the Sense of Place 'Land of the Giants' Early Years unit of work which features giant themed stories. There are a wide range of units in the Sense of Place Online Library, many of which include traditional stories e.g. the KS1 unit 'Stones'. & Legends – contains a number of free online books featuring traditional stories.


Mark Harandon tells traditional Cornish stories and legends and works in or out of character e.g. miner, smuggler, droll teller. Sessions can be on or off site and vary in length according to requirements. Find out more at or contact Mark via email:

Trevor Lawrence is a Cornish droll teller who specialises in encouraging listeners to participate in the story either by joining in with repetitive phrases or helping with musical accompaniment. He normally brings a large bag of percussion instruments for the children to use. Find out more at or contact Trevor via email: or call 01208 841660.


Stories can work best outside of the classroom, preferably somewhere linked to the story, for example:

  • Zennor Church - The Mermaid of Zennor
  • St Michael's Mount - Cormoran the Giant or Jack the Giant Killer.
  • River Tamar - The Legend of Tamara

Use the Curriculum Kernewek Map to identify and visit mysterious places, in order to support and stimulate pupil writing.