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Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Suggested Activities
+ Invite a Droll Teller (storyteller) to bring stories and excitement to your classroom, or alternatively tell pupils Cornish Story and show them Mermaid of Zennor. Use story telling techniques to avoid reading the story and try to create a special story telling atmosphere by turning off main lights, drawing curtains and creating special lighting. Explain to pupils that long before stories were written down they were told from memory and passed on person to person. Pin a map of your area on a display board and label it 'The Story Map'. Find the place featured in the story on the map and label it with the story title. Ask pupils; have you been there? What is it like? Collect pupil ideas and show pupils any pictures of the place or area.
+ Ask the class to recount each step of the story and use their ideas to create a large storyboard. Challenge pupils to draw on the completed storyboard to tell the story to a partner. When all class members have had a chance to tell their story, ask pupils; what was the best bit of the story you heard? Why? Recap the ways that you made your story telling more exciting including volume, speed, facial expression, gesturing, body language and character voices. Challenge pupils to draw on these techniques to tell their stories again but this time like real 'droll tellers'.
+ Ask pupils; do you know any stories? Encourage pupils to tell their stories to the rest of the class. Over a weekend or holiday, challenge pupils to become a 'story hunter' and ask their friends and families if they know any local stories. Ask pupils to collect any stories that they hear about places, people or events in their local area by making a storyboard to help them remember it. Back in the classroom, encourage pupils to share their stories and locate and label them on the 'Story Map'.
+ Use Sense of Place units like 'Land of Giants' to share lots of Cornish stories with the class. Work with pupils to make puppets (shadow, fabric or papier mache) of characters in the stories and stage their own puppet shows retelling the stories.
+ Take pupils to visit a mysterious site e.g. Rocky Valley Maze, Madron Well or Halliggye Fogou. Resist the temptation to describe the site before the visit. Explore the site with pupils asking; what is it? Who made it? Why is it here? Challenge the class to make up a story for the mysterious place explaining why and how it came to be.